“The characteristics based on the mental world lies in the fact that it is the same for everyone. It applies to everyone, regardless of language, race or nationality.”
Alain Resnais

ICON 2002 collection of photographic works formed my master’s thesis in the Department of Photography at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. The ideas for the works were born and deepened in collaboration with theatrical costume designer Pasi Räbinä. The starting point for the works was our longing to explore and construct an image through man’s spiritual dimensions.

As a foundation for the exhibition we studied various allegorical roles as well as archetypal characters in classic plays. Also Byzantine icons, early Renaissance paintings, and the phenomenas and figures of our own time, the early 90s. We made strong use of our theatrical background.

I took portraits in a photography studio with a beam camera using roll film. I also took care of the lighting. Images were printed to the natural size of individuals using the chibachrome technique.

The exhibition has been shown at the Old Cable Factory in Helsinki, the Kuopio Art Museum, the Gothenburg Photo Fair, the Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art, at Finlayson, the Porvoo Art Museum, the Photo Gallery Peri in Turku, Jyväskylä’s “40 Days in the Wilderness” joint exhibition and at the Merita Bank’s window exhibition.

Photography and Lighting: Riitta Riihonen (Rask)
Designed in collaboration with Pasi Räbina
Costumes: Pasi Räbinä
Make-up: Teuvo Loman
Image proofing: Yukio Morishita / Dia-Studio
Design of frames and structures: Esa Vesmanen
Frame Building Work Group: Esa, Olli, Esa, Seppo, Helge, Osku ja Juha

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