The film INSIDERS, directed by Lauri Törhönen, depicts youth enriched by the rise of the yuppie culture in the 1980s, their activities in the world of money, partying, drug use and stumbling around in human relationships. Mobira’s Portable Cityman phones, hot tubs, muscle boats and fancy cars were central imagery of the yuppie film. “I would cry rather in an Alfa Romeo than a Lada.” describes the inner world of social climbers immersed in a cynical and superficial lifestyle. The presentation of the phenomena of the time has elevated the rarely shown film to cult status over the years.

I worked in the film as a set designer, which gave me the opportunity to explore the homes and lavish villas of successful people, that we used as filming locations for the movie.

The film was also edited into a three-part series for the Finnish MTV and has been shown three times as INSIDERS – SISÄPIIRI.

Directed by: Lauri Törhönen
Scripting: Asko Apajalahti, Tapio Suominen, Mikael Baran
Cinematography: Timo Heinänen
Edited by: Olli Soinio
Set Design: Riitta Riihonen (Rask)
Produced by: Fantasiafilmi Oy

Photos: Fantasiafilmi Oy and YLE

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