”There are three things I have feared in life, death, poverty, and love. In vain. All in vain. I’m not scared anymore.”

Golden woman
Long Winter

IRON AGE is based on the events of the Finnish national epic Kalevala, from which the screenwriter Paavo Haavikko created his own interpretation. A four-part TV film was created, in which the main characters Väinö, Ilmari and Lemminki seek a woman for themselves, go to war with the people of the North and at the end ponder upon their relationship to life, love and death. The expression of the film, the severity of the characters and the epic feel of Finnish nature create a unique atmosphere for the film. The fifth part, Kullervo was never realized.

The project was extensive and for myself, as a young costume designer, the first real school into the film industry as the project spanned almost for four years. It was amazing to get to work with Finland’s leading artists and creators at a young age. I was interested in all aspects of the film industry and I learned as much as possible from my masters.

Part III of the film Lemminkin also received the Prix Italia in 1983

Produced by: TV 2 Theatre Division
Scripting: Paavo Haavikko
Dramaturgy: Ritva Holmberg
Directed by: Kalle Holmberg
Music: Aulis Sallinen
Set design: Ensio Suominen
Deputy director: Lauri Törhönen
Cinematography: Timo Kapanen
Sound design: K.J. Koski, Eino Lehtinen
Editing: Tepi Salokari
Costume Design: Måns Hedström, Riitta Riihonen (Rask)
Make-up: Sinikka Hursti, Paula Jussilainen
Main organizer: Raimo Mikkola

Roles: VÄINÖ Kalevi Kahra, ILMARI Vesa-Matti Loiri, LEMMINKI Tom Wenzel, AINO Sara Paavolainen, JOUKO Kari Heiskanen, TIERA Mikko Niskanen, MOTHER OF NORTH Kristiina Halkola LEMMINKÄINEN’S MOTHER Soili Labbart, AINIKKI Kaija Pakarinen, TIERA’S WIFE Eila Halonen, GOLDEN WOMAN Pirkko-Liisa Tikka, JOUKO’S MOTHER Eija Pokkinen, WET HAT Harri Rantanen, CHASER Ola Johansson

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