“Love is so powerful and strong. It is the kind of power that can’t really be compared to anything else than death” Kari Tikka

The documentary “Heaven and Hell” tells the story of 75-year-old composer and conductor Kari Tika’s extensive life’s work with classical music and opera.

Kari Tikka has worked at the Finnish National Opera for almost fifty years, first as an oboist, then for more than 40 years as a conductor. He has composed numerous solo songs, choral works and five operas. Kari Tikka has also founded the Vivo Youth Orchestra, which he also conducted for fifteen years. For example, conductor Mikko Frank and cellist Eicca Toppinen have ascended from Vivo’s ranks to world fame. 

The fact that I have previously worked in the world of operas and classical music has provided a good professional foundation for directing and writing the documentary “Heaven and Hell”.


Screenplay and direction: Riitta Rask
Producer: Teatro Productions Oy / Kaisa Näreranta
Cinematographer: Tero Vihavainen
Editor: Maria Haipus
Duration 57 min


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