I’m sure, that the organ, not only the sound of the organ, but also the appearance of the organ with the facade, will really bring something into 21 century, in fact to the future.”
Olivier Latry

When I was asked by the Helsinki Music Centre if I would be interested in directing a documentary about the new concert organs coming to the concert, I was immediately excited. Although the history of the organ goes back more than two thousand years, each instrument is unique and can succeed or fail. Will the organs be a success story at the Music Centre?

The documentary THE HELSINKI ORGAN STORY follows the early design phase of an instrument which is called “Europe’s largest concert organ”. This has never been documented anywhere in the world. The huge task has been given to seven Finnish organ artists, to whom the French maestro organist Olivier Latry brings international expertise.

In terms of external dimensions, the organ compares to a large sized detached house and will weigh about 40 tonnes when completed. How can an instrument of this calibre fit at the back of the orchestra stage at the Music Centre? It will be revealed in the documentary.

Screenplay and direction: Riitta Rask
Cinematographer: Pasi Rytkölä
Producer: Production House Oy / Liisa Akimof
Duration 57 min 

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